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    Bringing The Calm to Work - Live Class June 7 @ 4:30pm (PST)

    • Bringing The Calm to Work - Live 2hr Class June 7 @ 4:30pm (PST)

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About this course:

Join us for another engaging and applicable live course from Torri Wright (MA, Sped) where she will not only address the underlying concepts behind what it means to self-regulate and how our unconscious coping habits are impacting not only ourselves but those around us, but also how we can take direct action to improve our lives and create new habits. As always, Torri's approach of bridging the scientific understanding of our biological inter-workings by infusing tangible, real-life examples into the course will make this memorable and impactful to anyone who can participate. 

Torri will speak to the following themes throughout the course - with interaction from the participants being an enriching and desired component of the workshop. 

•Introduction to nervous system function

•Stress, anxiety & managing day-to-day tasks

•Faking it till you make it consequences

•Strategies to ease your mind, body, and spirit

•Modeling healthy regulation

This course will be hosted on Zoom and is intended for care providers, teachers and support staff from all walks of life! We specifically scheduled this course at a time where our many Australian and New Zealand colleagues can join - we look forward to seeing everyone soon!