Course curriculum

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    Poly Vagal and Trauma Informed - full workshop

    • Poly Vagal and Trauma Informed - Part 1

    • Poly Vagal and Trauma Informed - Part 2

    • Poly Vagal and Trauma Informed - Part 3

    • Poly Vagal and Trauma Informed - Knowledge check

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About this course:

Torri Wright (MA, Sped) will be presenting all three parts of the Poly Vagal theory and Trauma-informed practices training - including Foundations, Mapping Our Nervous System and Tools to Disrupt the Crisis Response. Completion of this course entitles participants to 6 hours of Professional Development Units. 

This on-demand workshop was adapted from previously recorded classes with 'live' participants, as the discussions and perspective shared during the class provide real world context for the curriculum.  Topics covered in this course include:

From 'Foundations':

  • Why Trauma-informed is so critical
  • Breaking down the science of how the body/brain works with and against one another
  • A brief introduction of the Polyvagal theory and how this explains the physio-psychology (our bodies response to environmental stimulus)
  • How our body is receiving information to then feed our brain, resulting in an emotional reaction 

From 'Mapping Our Nervous System':

  • Acknowledging our personal tramway (self-reflection) and how we can empathize with those in our care
  • When we map our own nervous system we increase our ability to help others do the same
  • Environmental stimulus, health factors, socioeconomic experience, and epic-genetics
  • Getting to know our personal triggers and learning where our emotional reactions come from 

From 'Tools to Disrupt the Crisis Response':

  • With awareness and connection, we begin to shift how we see others and support them with a lens that acknowledges it is not about “us” rather the behavior is coming from a nervous-system response
  • Accessing a series of pathways through breathing and movement, to disrupt an emotional dysregulation
  • Case Study Examples