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    Trauma Responsive Plans (Developing and supporting)

    • Trauma Responsive Plans (Developing and Supporting) - 2.5hr Class

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About this course:

Based on the overwhelming response for more - after Torri's standing room only workshops at positive behavior support conferences - we are excited to invite you to join a meaningful and concise  training course on helping teams develop comprehensive, trauma-responsive, and true person-centered plans (FBA's, BSP's/BIP's, IEP's, ISPs, and more!) with a lens directly looking at how trauma impacts behavior.

Torri will speak to the following themes throughout the course - with interaction from the participants being an enriching and desired component of the workshop. 

• Introduce trauma responsive techniques/practices

• Linking trauma & behavior

• Collecting baseline data

• Using data to design/inform plans

• Compare and adjust based on data collection 

This course was pre-recorded with a live audience over Zoom and is intended for care providers, teachers and support staff.