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    Anxiety and Depression in ASD

    • Anxiety and Depression Workshop - Part 1

    • Anxiety and Depression Workshop - Part 2

    • Knowledge Quiz

    • Course Feedback

About this course:

Torri Wright (MA, Sped) presents an on-demand training session which will provide an overview of how behaviors within the world of I/DD (Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities) and ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) may be linked to anxiety and/or depression. 

This on-demand workshop was adapted from previously recorded classes with 'live' participants, as the discussions and perspective shared during the class provide real world context for the curriculum.  Topics discussed include: 

Sometimes big indicators are missed and having a foundational understanding of what is being experienced by these individuals  allows for more careful observation to take place - enabling an increase in the quality of life for those we support by providing a higher level of care. This workshop will also cover some fun and unique strategies to decrease anxiety and build empowerment to support someone who is experiencing depression. 

2 hours of Continuing Education Units (CEU/PDU) will be awarded to participants upon completion of the 'quiz' and feedback questionnaire.