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    Challenging and Complex Behaviors

    • Challenging and Complex Behaviors - Part 1

    • Challenging and Complex Behaviors - Part 2

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About this course:

Torri Wright (MA, Sped) presents a two hour mini-workshop based on all three parts of the Challenging and Complex Behavior modules (from the See Beyond Behavior curriculum). 

This on-demand workshop was adapted from previously recorded classes with 'live' participants, as the discussions and perspective shared during the class provide real world context for the curriculum. Topics covered in this course include: 

How our life experience determines our reactions; Reflection and self-accountability is the fundamental skill to becoming a healthy support.

Decoding the language of behavior and understanding what influences our ability to self-regulate.

'Bringing the Tools Together': we begin to identify strategies and tools to build towards healthy co-regulation.

2 hours of Continuing Education Units (CEU/PDU) will be awarded to attendees upon completion of the training videos and quiz.