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    Co-Regulation Superstar - full workshop

    • See Beyond Behavior - Co-Regulation Superstar workshop - presented by Torri Wright

    • Co-Regulation Superstar - Knowledge check

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About this course:

Torri Wright (MA, Sped) will be presenting the 'Co-Regulation Super Star' series in a single 4 hour training class. 

This on-demand workshop was adapted from previously recorded classes with 'live' participants, as the discussions and perspective shared during the class provide real world context for the curriculum. Topics covered in this course include: 

  • With our heightened awareness of how “we” respond, we are able to redirect our physiological response and position ourselves with a grounded presence, that represents safety, security, and predictability
  • Walking through scenarios and role playing to practice a stressful situation, while maintaining self-control and self-management