Live Monthly Webinar

Join the BEHCA/See Beyond Behavior team for a live call on the first Tuesday of each month to discuss resources, current struggles – behavior/mental health/accessing resources – in the field of I/DD. We are excited to offer our support and hear from the community all the incredible things you are doing, while also providing an opportunity to connect in a way that otherwise may never be possible.

The next webinar will be held on April 5th @ 6pm PST - see you there!

Note: this webinar does not qualify for Continuing Education Unit (CEUs) as it is intended for provider peers to collaborate and provide community support. If you are interested in CEU credits, all other 'on-demand' and live workshops on the site are eligible.

What Students Are Saying:

Jessica Dehm

I currently use S'Cool Moves and I'm going through the CPS training. This See Beyond Behavior training from Torri Wright has the 'why' pieces that I needed to better make sense of why those things work.

I absolutely loved the training and can't wait to learn more.

Jessica Dehm

This training was perfect! If I were to go to an additional training, I would simply want to learn more.