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    See Beyond Care Giving: A Master Class in Care Giving

    • See Beyond Care Giving: A Master Class in Care Giving - 4.5hr Live Class July @ 3pm (live)

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About this course:

We are excited to present our first Master Class on Care Giving from Torri Wright (MA, Sped) with: See Beyond Care Giving. 

There may be no more fundamental an element which influences every one of our lives as our ability to care not only for ourselves but for those who are in need of support. Opening up an understanding of every person's biological responses, with appreciation for the influence lived experience brings, is the bedrock for being able to provide care and is a chief take away from this workshop. 

The See Beyond Care Giving workshop will address the following themes throughout the course - with interaction from the participants being an enriching and desired component of the workshop. 

Trauma responsive techniques

  • Poly Vagal theory foundation
  • Personal histories, experiences, & traumas

Understanding human behavior

  • Communication/processing styles
  • •Decoding the language of behavior


  • Understanding regulation
  • Developing skills to Co-regulate

This course will, as with all educational courses from Torri, be filled with tangible examples that not only will be applicable to the work and life of attendees but will also include ongoing practices which can be incorporated into school and care settings. 

This course will be hosted on Zoom and is intended for care providers, teachers and support staff from all walks of life! We specifically scheduled this course at a time where our many Australian and New Zealand colleagues can join - we look forward to seeing everyone soon! 

4.5 hours of Continuing Education Units (CEU/PDU) will be awarded to attendees upon completion of the workshop and associated questionnaire.